The Veteran Today/ VRN Employee Appreciation Donor Program

This is how this great program works…

  1. Your Organization makes a donation to our non-profit veteran services group. Veteran Today / Veteran Resource Network is an IRS  501(c)3 recognized organization that has been serving veterans for over 17 years,
  2. That donation is assigned a point value of 1 point per $1 donation. The program minimum if your company is within 30 miles of Newton, NC is $250. Otherwise, the program participation minimum is $500. The points earned are 250 and 500 respectively.
  3. Veteran Today / VRN brings comes to your location with our trailer and camo tent, loaded to the brim with great patriotic Freedom Isn’t Free T-shirts, Hoodies, flags, ballcaps, and other items.
  4. Your employees come out to our tent and use the points you earned with your donation to select items from the tent for themselves, their family, or friends. The point values are not inflated. A quality Gildan T-shirt or a ballcap is 10 points. Garments are stocked up to 4XL. 2XL and above are 15 points. Flags are 15 points. Military ballcaps are 15 points. Military branded lanyards are 5 points.
  5. Any unused points are then used by your program point of contact to make a final purchase from our tent or website.

What an awesome way to show your employees how much you value them. And what a great way to be a part of the important work we are doing with our warriors!

Call me, Lance, at (704) 898-1156 and let’s make this happen!

Below is an example of what we offer at our tent:


Freedom T-Shirts
100% Cotton High-Quality Gildan
Adult Sizes  Small – 5X

Freedom Hoodie Sweatshirts
100% Cotton High-Quality Gildan
Adult Sizes  Small – 5X